Friday, July 31, 2015

Free overnight stay at KLIA2

I landed at Malaysia yesterday night. My plan was to find a hotel nearby and go to KL in the morning. I saw some quite cheap hotels near KLIA2. Luckily, while in waiting room before flight, I met a new friend that will fly to Laos and have overnight transit at KLIA2. A new conversation will give us a new friend, and a new friend will always benefit us in any way. He told me to just make a free overnight stay at KLIA2. Hmmm... I should try.

In KLIA2, most of the chairs are not meant to be used to sleep. They design the chair so that it is almost impossible for a person to lay down on the chair. But, "most" means that we will find some chairs that can be comfortably used for sleeping. The chairs are above the Departure hall in 3rd Floor (just another floor above gate to international departure).

Fiuuuuh, my pocket is saved for one night... thanks, pal...

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