Thursday, May 7, 2020

Install BigHybrid under Ubuntu 16.04 Server

BigHybrid is a simulator based on SimGrid, used to simulate MapReduce under Hybrid environment (Desktop Grid and Cloud environment). Followings are the steps to install

  • BigHybrid needs SimGrid version 3.14.159. Download the zip from this link:
  • Install some packages needed: libboost-dev libboost-context-dev
  • Extract the zip. It will be easier if you use unzip. Just install it using the following command: sudo apt-get install unzip
  • Install the simgrid
cd simgrid-3_14_159
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/simgrid .
make install
  • Now download and install BigHybrid
cd BigHybrid
  • Change the INSTALL_PATH in Makefile and examples/Makefile. Point to the folder where you put the SimGrid. In my case, my INSTALL_PATH is like this: INSTALL_PATH = /home/arwan/simgrid-3_14_159. You can do this by using any editor you like. In my case, I love nano. I did this to edit: nano Makefile and nano examples/Makefile
  • Now run the BigHybrid (note that now you are in BigHybrid folder)

Monday, January 7, 2019

Find JIRA issues mentioned in Confluence Page

I have been walking through a lot of pages in internet but have not found any answer except one. However, the answer is not complete, so I will share my experience here.

This feature is very useful, especially to summarize the issues found during certain tests, where the tests are reported in a confluence page. I found that there are so many questions about this, but Atlassian seems does not want to bother with this request. I found one way to do this by the following tricks

Take one JIRA issue that related to the target confluence page (in this case, say it is GET-895) Find the global ID of a JIRA issue:

It will show the JSON like this:

[{"id":28293,"self":"","globalId":"appId=662e1ccf-94da-3121-96ae-053d90587b29&pageId=105485659","application":{"type":"com.atlassian.confluence","name":"Confluence"},"relationship":"mentioned in","object":{"url":"","title":"Page","icon":{},"status":{"icon":{}}}}]

Then take the globalId from there to search issue in JIRA

issue in issuesWithRemoteLinksByGlobalId("appId=662e1ccf-94da-3121-96ae-053d90587b29&pageId=105485659")

However, this morning I found out that the filter only works for a single user. So for example I report GET-001 and Denis report GET-002, the filter will show only JIRA tickets from me. In order to include Denis's report, we have to take one JIRA ticket from Denis, find the globalID and add the query into JQL. For example, the above query will be:

issue in issuesWithRemoteLinksByGlobalId("appId=662e1ccf-94da-3121-96ae-053d90587b29&pageId=105492363") or issue in issuesWithRemoteLinksByGlobalId("appId=662e1ccf-94da-3121-96ae-053d90587b29&pageId=105492386")

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

If and For in Wolfram Mathematica (with examples)

IF Condition in Wolfram Mathematica

The syntax is as follows

Some examples

Example 1. Simple command

Example 2. If condition in a function


For in Wolfram Mathematica

The syntax is as follows

Some examples

Example 1. Simple Loop

Example 2. Another simple loop

Example 3. Print list