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Procedure for applying dependent pass in Malaysia

When you study or work in Malaysia and want to bring along your families, you will have to apply dependent pass for your family. Dependent pass can be applied for your spouse, children, parents, or adopted children.

Document Checklist

I got a checklist from immigration office. So, rather than you have to go there only to get the checklist, it will be much better if I write the checklist for you. You can also download each form needed. Followings are the checklist for long term application of social visit pass for dependent/student's companion:
  1. IMM 12 for new application or IMM 55 for extension
  2. IMM 38
  3. Proof of relationship, verified by Embassy/Representative/High Commission Office (original and copy)
    • Marriage certificate (husband and wife)
    • Birth certificate (children)
    • Custody of children letter/adopted child certificate (for step children and adopted children only)
    • Birth certificate of student pass holder (when applying biological father or mother). Citizen of Republic of China have to get proof of relationship from Malaysian representative office in China
  4. Letterhead from institution including information regarding the position in institution (if sent by institution representative)
  5. Confirmation letter from institution
  6. Copy of passport page that contain information and valid pass
  7. Passport copy of student pass holder (page that contain information & latest pass)
  8. Health insurance policy of applicant within the valid year
  9. Prove of the ability to self-sustain in Malaysia
  10. Personal bond (duty stamp RM 10) for each applicant
  11. Bank statement
Some notes regarding the checklist:
  • For renewal process, ignore document 3 and 10
  • Amendment of personal bond is not allowed
  • Passport copy verified by the institution is needed if the applications resides outside the country
  • Applicant/institution should be willing to provide additional documents if being prompted by the immigration officers
  • Original documents should be provided during submission of application
  • Only completed application will be processed

Some more details based on my experience

  • You will need to have photographs of your dependents. The photograph is visa size with white background. Print at least 3 or 5 for spare.
  • Ensure that your documents are correct, including the photograph. If you have more than one children, sometime you may misplace their photograph.
  • If your kid was born outside Malaysia, you will need to verify the birth certificate in the respective embassy. If your kid(s) was/were born in Indonesia, you have to verify the birth certificate in KBRI and it took two days to finish. If you want to be faster, you can go to Konjen in Johor or Penang, and it will take only one day to finish. However, if your kid was born in Malaysia, you just need to make a copy of his/her birth certificate. You can refer on how to get birth certificate for kid born in Malaysia in this post (sorry it is in Bahasa, you may use Google Translate if you need to).
  • You will also need to fill security bond form. You then need to put 10 ringgit duty stamp on the form
  • You can get the duty stamp in POS LAJU (maybe you can get it elsewhere, but I went to poslaju to get it)
  • You need to go to Lembaga Hasil for the security bond form to be stamped
  • To prove the ability to self-sustain in Malaysia, you can use your offer letter showing the scholarship during your study
  • The bank statement needs to be verified by the respected bank. For example, if you have CIMB account, you have to go to CIMB to verify the bank statement. However, if you are Indonesian like me, you can use your bank book
  • If your supervisor is Malaysian, like me, ask him to be your guarantor. Otherwise, if you supervisor is not Malaysia, you may ask your Malaysian friend to be the guarantor
  • In the security bond form, it is said that you have to provide some amount of money as security bond. However, you don't need to provide the money as long as you don't make any trouble in Malaysia. That amount of money is just to say that it will be available if anything goes wrong.
Please note that the policy or the procedure may change in the future. So, if you experience it differently, appreciate if you share your experience in the comment section.


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