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Tips for cheap overnight car parking for your flight from KLIA or KLIA2

If you want to travel from KLIA or KLIA2, the parking fee for overnight parking in the airport is just crazy. In KLIA2, the first night will be 42 MYR. After that, it will be reduced to 21 MYR. Even after reduced, the fee is still very very very very very expensive. I will prefer to spend the money to buy some foods. 21 MYR equals to two or three times meals. Hahaha

OK. So where you should put your car when you travel from KLIA or KLIA?

I found some answers, but for myself, I prefer to park my car at Salak Tinggi Station. In Google Maps, you can find the coordinate from this link:

Previously it was so cheap to park in Salak Tinggi. Only 3 MYR per night. However, now they increase the fee to 3 MYR for parking during the day and 8 MYR for overnight parking. However, 8 MYR is not that much compared to 21 MYR. Right?

OK. So after parking the car, how can we go to KLIA or KLIA2?

The first KLIA Transit train from KL-Sentral to KLIA2 starts at 4.33 am and the last one is 00.03 am. The first train will reach Salak Tinggi at 5.00 am. The last train will reach Salak Tinggi at 00.32 am. The train will be available every 15 minutes (peak hour) and every 30 minutes (every off-peak hour).

It will need 7 minutes to go to KLIA and 11 minutes to KLIA2 from Salak Tinggi Station. 

What is the price for the train tickets from Salak Tinggi to KLIA or KLIA2?

The price for the KLIA Transit 4.90 MYR for adults and 2.20 MYR for kids. Same for KLIA and KLIA2.

So, next time you travel, better to park your car at Salak Tinggi. But plan ahead for the waiting for the train and the 7/11 minutes travel from Salak Tinggi to KLIA/KLIA2.

Hope this post is useful for you :D


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