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Install BigHybrid under Ubuntu 16.04 Server

BigHybrid is a simulator based on SimGrid, used to simulate MapReduce under Hybrid environment (Desktop Grid and Cloud environment). Followings are the steps to install BigHybrid needs SimGrid version 3.14.159. Download the zip from this link: 14 Install some packages needed: libboost-dev libboost-context-dev Extract the zip. It will be easier if you use unzip . Just install it using the following command: sudo apt-get install unzip Install the simgrid cd simgrid-3_14_159 cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/simgrid . make make install Now download and install BigHybrid wget unzip cd BigHybrid Change the INSTALL_PATH in Makefile and examples/Makefile . Point to the folder where you put the SimGrid. In my case, my INSTALL_PATH is like this: INSTALL_PATH = /home/arwan/simgrid-3_14_159 . You can do this by using any editor you