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Procedure for applying dependent pass in Malaysia

When you study or work in Malaysia and want to bring along your families, you will have to apply dependent pass for your family. Dependent pass can be applied for your spouse, children, parents, or adopted children. Document Checklist I got a checklist from immigration office. So, rather than you have to go there only to get the checklist, it will be much better if I write the checklist for you. You can also download each form needed. Followings are the checklist for long term application of social visit pass for dependent/student's companion: IMM 12 for new application or IMM 55 for extension IMM 38 Proof of relationship, verified by Embassy/Representative/High Commission Office (original and copy) Marriage certificate (husband and wife) Birth certificate (children) Custody of children letter/adopted child certificate (for step children and adopted children only) Birth certificate of student pass holder (when applying biological father or mother). Citizen of Republic