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Modify and build your own SikuliX

In this tutorial, I show steps to modify and edit sikulix under OSX environment. This should not be different with other *nix environment. However, for windows environment, you may need to adjust yourself. Modify your code Clone from the repository Open the repository as maven project in netbeans. You can easily use this button to open the project You will see that the cloned project appeared in open windows like the following Open the project. It will be like this Modify any part you want to modify Clean and build the maven project. If you open other sub project of sikulix, make sure that you clean and build only the main sikulix maven project Create Installer Go to File Finder in the repository folder. You will see one file named runSetup. Using your terminal and cd to the folder and run the setup. $ runSetup It will bring you to SikuliX installation. Please remember that if you build yourself, ALWAYS do it in offline mode, means that you are n

Customise Komode IDE command with python environment

Komodo is a lightweight and great programming IDE. Recently, I use the IDE to work on python. However, I got problem because I need to run the python from some virtual environments. To make it happen, this is what I did: 1. Create a shell script to run the virtual environment. For example we name the shell script, we may run the script with The code $1 will take the first input argument after the shell script name. source ~/arwanenv/bin/activate python $1 2. Now make the shell script to be executable sudo chmod +x 3. Now you put the shell script inside the command of your Komodo. It will be better if you make the file parameter to be automatic. Here is the command in your Komodo ~/ %F Enjoy. Share your ideas in the comment if you have better idea.